We’re more than a month behind on blog posts. The most recent blog post, about Chincheros, Salineras de Mara et Moray, was posted two days ago, June 5th, but talked about our travels way back on May 1st. Plus, we haven’t posted at all about Sri Lanka, which was months ago!

We’ve been behind behind on posts for so long we need to take some drastic measures.

I’ve written some of the posts as “flashbacks” looking back on the event from the present, while others are “realtime” – they describe what we did that day or days (the post date matches the date of the activities described).

This creates something of a mess as while I would like to catch up, I would also like to post about our current activities while they are fresh in my mind. I am afraid that if I do that and mix current posts with “flashback” posts he chronology of events will be confused. We’ll be jumping back in forth in time and it will be too confusing.

So, I think what I am going to do is change the dates on existing and future “flashback” or catch-up posts so that they match the days described in the posts. This will make for a cleaner chronology, and make it easier and less confusing for someone reading the posts in order.

It may make it confusing for those of you following along in real time, as new posts may show up “before” posts you have already read. Also some posts you’ve already read may get moved around as I correct the post dates and move them back to their proper time.  As I am doing this, I will probably do some current posts, so we can actually catch up. It may seem like we are doing some real time traveling for a while!

Does that make sense? I hope so, and I hope it is not too confusing.