OK, so here’s the plan…

  • Sell the car.
  • Sell our stuff or put it in storage.
  • Rent out the house.
  • Get some backpacks.
  • Explore the world (our classroom).

That last one starts on Wednesday. We better get packing!

So, where are we going and what will we do?
We have some ideas, but few firm plans. Mostly we’ll figure it out as we go.

Of course we have to start somewhere, so we’ve given ourselves quite a challenge for the beginning of the trip: fly to Amsterdam, buy used bicycles, strap our stuff to the bikes and ride across Europe on the Eurovelo 15 cycle route which follows the Rhine river from its source in the Alps of Switzerland, through Germany, France and the Netherlands to its mouth in the North Sea.


Map of the Eurovelo 15 route.

The Rhine is the second longest river in Europe, and our route is about 1,400 km.

Pop quiz: If one kilometer equals 0.621371 miles, how far is the route in miles?

Answer: About 870 miles. (1,400 x 0.621371 = 869.9194)

Will we actually make it all the way?
How long will it take us?
What will we learn along the way?
We hope you’ll follow along on this blog to find out…