Super-Mom Mila is back on her bike!

Day-before-yesterday, we went to Amsterdam Centraal Station, where Mila’s bike has been parked for more than a week, Jette and I rode our bikes. Mila took the tram and met us there. All three of us rode home together.

Here’s a video of the ride to Centraal Station. It is long and unedited, and the first half doesn’t have much action, so here are some links to some points in the video that might be of interest:

And here is another, shorter video of the same trip. I shot this with a handheld camera facing forward and I started recording when we got into the busier, central part of Amsterdam. Here’s a direct link to the crazy bike parking garage towards the end of the video: Thousands of bikes parked in the multi-level parking garage

And finally, super-mom Mila back on her bike!