As you may recall, Jette’s birthday present this year was earrings. Actually, it was a note that said:

This note is good for ANY set of earrings you want.
(Must be purchased in Amsterdam. Price limit 100 Euros.)

As you may have surmised, we wanted Jette to find something that she really liked that would be a keepsake and reminder of this trip and her time in Amsterdam.

Since her birthday, we’ve been on the lookout for earrings. We didn’t find anything interesting until yesterday when we poked our heads into the De Bijenkorf department store on Dam Square. There, at the Casa House of Jewelry boutique, Jette found the perfect earrings.

Found the perfect earrings

Found the perfect earrings


Casa is a Dutch jewelry brand that has been around since the 1960’s. The earrings are a Dutch design, crafted in silver with a rose gold plating (she won’t be allergic).

Jette's Birthday Earrings

Jette’s Birthday Earrings

They are unique and perfect for her. We love them. Happy birthday Jette! May you always wear them in good health. We hope these bring back fond memories for years to come.